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## Business Analysis Thanks to a set of workshops based on the research of Tom Gilb, a new level of customer interaction was born, one requested by them numerous times. By engaging in a customer’s business as not only consultants but primarily people with a software background and passion for it, we can share insight directly relatable to the real world.
## Design Research We strive to understand the context in which products and services are used by potential and existing users of specific solutions. Their natural emotions, habits, inclinations and irritations are all carefully examined. We conduct this research for the purpose of designing new technologies and services responding to actual needs.
## Design Design is deeply embedded in our whole offer. It’s much easier and faster to create mockups of products for testing than to actually build them, so we use our UX and UI skills liberally. On the other hand, design uses all the information previously gathered about the goals to be achieved by a project. To do it thoroughly, we’ve incorporated [Google Venture’s Design Sprint](http://www.gv.com/sprint/) into the Value Blended process.
## Programming A varied group of developers takes care of projects. No single technology or platform is regarded as best. What languages, tools, libraries, frameworks and hardware is picked depends on specific needs. We’ve been hacking mobile, web and server platforms as well as providing continuous support for them for over 3 years. ​

The Team

Mark Zurada Partner
Tomasz Rutkowski Partner
Łukasz Leśniak Partner
Tomasz Niezgoda Partner
Dawid Stojan COO
Monika Buczak CFO
Paweł Ruszlewski Art Director
Michał Kowalski Software Architect
Łukasz Szóstek Chief EVOngelist
Paweł Orzech Product Owner
Olga Wolska Product Owner
Joanna Rutkowska Head of Design Research
Zuzanna Wodyk Design Researcher
Olga Bańka Design Researcher
Mateusz Kiełbasiński UX Designer
Piotr Wójcik Graphics Designer
Kamil Madejek Software Developer
Marek Bałandin Software Developer
Marcin Laskowski Software Developer
Grzegorz Pałka Software Developer
Jakub Jakowski Software Developer
Sylwester Tor Software Developer
Marcin Bartoś Software Developer
Błażej Bobko Software Developer
Rafał Pawłow Software Developer
Maciej Kasica Sales Manager
Paweł Majda Sales Manager
Jacek Świętochowski Network Admin
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On the market for over 3 years

45 cups of coffee drank daily

Over 50 projects completed

Over 100 workshops

Over 30 associates

4 war rooms

15 whiteboards and cork boards

5 projects on average done at the same time

## Self-service ![Kiosk photo](https://docs.google.com/a/senfino.com/uc?authuser=0&id=0BzhMZx8Aq-mld01FSXp3X1M5TFU&export=download) Computer terminals, when used sensibly, can greatly optimize people's time. Together with a popular Polish e-commerce, we managed to setup a modern and comfortable solution for keeping employees up to date with the situation in the company. They can sign up for events using their ID cards and find information about the responsibilities of their peers. All through a large, touchscreen interface, ready to be operated during work hours. Kiosks such as these can also be very useful for guiding conference attendees and providing training materials.
## Real-time tracking ![Real-time tracking](https://docs.google.com/a/senfino.com/uc?authuser=0&id=0BzhMZx8Aq-mldU90RTlzbE4yODQ&export=download) In a world where consumers are constantly bombarded with ads, it's difficult to catch their attention. One extrodinary choice is to augment their reality live, while they're strolling around shops or the streets. On the other hand, being able to measure the engagement of customers is also a good investment for creating the right products. That's why we've been experimenting with and implementing Microsoft Kinect. Kinect can recognize how multiple people behave at once, what are they looking at and later, it's possible to estimate their gender and age.
## Proximity sensing ![Proximity sensing](https://docs.google.com/a/senfino.com/uc?authuser=0&id=0BzhMZx8Aq-mlQ1Fmd3Nza0Y1b1k&export=download) NFC, beacons and QR codes are all widely discussed technologies, thought to be useful in markets like resale, healthcare, logistics, transportation and many others, but still rarely implemented for innovative purposes there. In the past, we've used beacons at a football stadium to help people navigate around: find entrances, sectors and the VIP area. It was the largest installation of bacons at a public event and a valuable addition to our social app. Before this, a game called Amazing Race involved new students in a timed run through their school's corridors in search of QR and NFC tags to scan. These were placed in important areas to discover when just starting out - the library or the IT room for example.

What's new


Extended TV experience

Add interaction to channels provided by 4Fun Media. Viewers are given access to stations’ schedules, are able to get lyrics for songs played live and dedicate them to their friends, chat with other viewers and join competitions with rewards.

Food products without secrets

An app helping to verify the ingredients of food purchased in stores, including “E-” substances. A simple barcode scan with the phone is enough to learn something. Every ingredient in the database has a description, source, benefits and risks associated with consuming it.

The ultimate experience for fans

What's better than enjoying an event live? Enjoying it with hundreds of other, cheering people on the stadium! eFan makes this easier, by giving you a glimpse into the action on the field, the stands and corridors and letting you get involved too. Plus, you can navigate with it around the stadium.

Moviegoers in Poland rejoice

naEKRANIE.pl delivers daily reviews, articles and news about movies, books, computer games and more. Apart from daily updates from the world of media, if your looking for movies to watch during “long winter afternoons” or “for people with a taste in cinematography”, you’ll find such interesting categories here.

The Pizza Portal experience

Holistic and continuous product development for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Mobile Web. We’re redesigning how consumers order products based on their behaviors, producing comfortable to use and modern designs backed by extendable software and managing stability of the solution over time.

Language School app for tech savvy students

For the students of the SpeakUp language school, this application allows them to sign up for courses and track personal scores using the Student Zone.

Complex legal topics explained

A platform for people seeking professional legal advice and a news website tackling legal issues combined into one.

You Only Decide Once

Making decisions is hard and in a corporate environment with a lot of moving parts even harder. YODO greatly simplifies the decision process, so it’s fast, reliable and comfortable for both the asking and decision making sides.

Partners & Projects

Offices & Contact

In United States
New York Office 192 Lex 4th floor New York, NY 10016 (646) 851-0201
In Europe
Warsaw Office, Poland Wąwozowa 11, third floor Warszawa 02-796 +48792874635